Il Tinello – Authentisches italienisches Restaurant in Limassol

Das Il Tinello bietet echte italienische Küche, wie sie in der Toskana gepflegt wird.


Il Tinello

With a culture of gastronomy dating back to antiquity, every meal in Italy is respected as being an occasion, with the art of cooking symbolising history and heritage: the coming together of a family to share in the fresh fruits of their labours. Nowhere is this custom more bountifully expressed than in the humble dining room: the heart of every Italian home, where community and culture converge. And so it is that Il Tinello (meaning, precisely, ‘small dining room’) anticipates welcoming its guests this coming season to taste the fruits of its team of chefs’ endeavours, defined by an unfailing dedication to traditional recipes, and the creation of authentic flavours. Paying homage to Tuscany’s peaceful and pastoral setting, the menu draws on this celebrated region’s culinary nuances, where simplicity and innovation intertwine and the freshest of ingredients form the foundation of gastronomic endeavours.

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Standort2 Geschoss

Sitzplätze Innenrest. 45 | Auβenrest. 30

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