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BABOR - Facials

Using the most advanced products available, our highly trained aestheticians offer you the ultimate in personalised, skin care facial treatments.

Each treatment is tailor made to the specific needs of your skin using a facial protocol. Here, plant and natural ingredients work together to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it with a renewed vitality.

BABOR Mini Facial

Price:  €45.00
Duration: 25 min
A Quick Refreshing Facial, gives skin an instant boost.

BABOR Deep Cleansing A La Carte Facial

Price: €68.00
Duration: 55 min
Deep Cleansing Treatment, customized to suit your individual skin type

BABOR Skin Perfecting Facial

Price: €79.00
Duration: 70 min
A Rebalancing, Calming and Regenerating Treatment, helps treat imbalanced skin, promoting vitality and harmony.

BABOR Blue Lagoon Facial

Price: €79.00
Duration: 55 min
A Refreshing and Hydrating Treatment, a unique Algae peel off mask
provides an intensive supply of hydrating active ingredients that cool
and energize the skin.

BABOR Ultra Moist Power Facial

Price: €79.00
Duration: 55 min
In Intensive Power Treatment for Dehydrated Skin, natural clay combined
with concentrated mineral and vitamin serums provide moisture and
nutrition to the skin eliminating any feeling of tightness.

BABOR Organic Facial

Price: €79.00
Duration: 55 min
Green Glamour, a natural facial that refreshes and revitalizes, leaves
the complexion even, balanced, fresh, radiant and healthy.

BABOR Liquid Gold Facial

Price: €85.00
Duration: 55 min
A Nourishing and Soothing Treatment, perfect facial for dry, dehydrated
skin, helps to sooth overheated skin, redness and sensitivity, using
precious extracts from the Argan tree, Morocco's liquid gold. The facial
helps to repair collagen fibers and
Strengthens connective tissue.

BABOR Anti Wrinkle Mimical Q10 Facial

Price: €89.00
Duration: 55 min
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, the natural alternative to Botox. Plant extracts help relieve micro-tensions in the skin, while Co enzyme Q1O boosts energy levels and Strengthens the skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced resulting in a firmer and fresh looking complexion.

BABOR Deep Lifting High Skin Refiner Facial

Price: €99.00
Duration: 85 min
A Deep Turbo Changed Intensive Lifting Treatment, gives an immediate firming and lifting effect to the skin, strengthens and tightens the tissues whilst smoothing and repairing.

BABOR Deluxe Anti Age High Skin Refiner Facial

Price: €130.00
Duration: 85 min
Deluxe Anti Age Facial, with real black pearls helps correct existing signs of aging and damage. Redness and age spots reduce for a more vibrant andrenewed complexion.

BABOR Men’s Time Out Facial

Price: €70.00
Duration: 55 min
The Perfect Deep Cleansing Facial For Men, restores the skin's pH balance while cleansing and refreshing the skin.

BABOR Men’s Energy Release Facial

Price: €75.00
Duration: 55 min
The Ultimate Men's Anti-Aging Treatment, improves the skin's elasticity while boosting its moisture levels, leaving the skin with a fresh well groomed feeling.

BABOR Power Lifting Eye Treatment

Price: €50.00
Duration: 40 min
Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Treatment for men and women. Restores the youthful sparkle to the eyes, improves the skin's elasticity and minimizes fine lines, wrinkles.

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